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DM9162: 10/100 Mbit Fast Ethernet Physical Layer TX/FX Single Chip Transceiver


The DM9162 is the replacement for DM9161C.
Its main advantages are:
- 50MHz clock out at RMII applications which can save BOM cost and design efforts at the system designer
- cost effective 0,162µ process
As we know, the trend of CPU/processor is toward small package and low pin count in which RMII interface will be applied. Besides 48-pin LQFP in DM9162 package, 32-pin QFN or 24-pin QFN (RMII only) is available. DM9162 in LQFP-48 package is backward compatible to DM9161A and DM9161C.
It contains the entire physical layer functions of 100BASE-TX as defined by IEEE802.3u:

  • Pysical Coding Sublayer (PCS)
  • Physical Medium Attachement (PMA)
  • Twisted Pair Physical Medium Dependent Sublayer (TP-PMD)
  • 10Base-TX Encoder/Decoder (ENC/DEC) 
  • Twisted Pair Media Access Unit (TPMAU)

Furthermore, due to the built-in wave shaping filter, the DM9162 needs no external filter to transport signals to the media in 100BASE-TX or 10BASE-T Ethernet operation.



No Description / Download Type Version Date Size
01 Davicom General Layout-Guide PDF 1.01 2011/05/05 719kB
02 Davicom Hardware Layout Guide PDF   2009/01/08 9,4M
03 Dacom Ethernet Design-In Guide PDF 1.00 2011/11/18 2,64M
04 Connecting 2 Davicom devices without transformers PDF   2007/12/11 76kB
05 Design hint Center-Tabs Transformer to PHY PDF   2011/02/02 305kB
06 Crystal Information PDF   2013/09/24 59kB
07 Programming-Reference-Flow-Chart PDF 1.00 2009/01/07 130kB

Part Specific:

11 DM9162_Layout Guide PDF   2012/01/03 182kB
12 DM9162_RMII Application Note PDF   2011/09/27 24kB
13 DM9162_RMII_mode_50Mhz_Application_Note PDF 1.0 2014/12/04 99kB
14 DM9162 Test-Report PDF   2011/12/20 89kB
15 DM9162_EVB Schematic LQFP-48 PDF   2013/03/28 132kB
16 DM9162_EVB Schematic OFN-32 PDF   2012/12/10 37kB
17 DM9162_DAUGHTERBOARD RMII 50MHz output PDF 1.1 2013/03/25 50kB
18 DM9162_reliability-Test-Report PDF   2012/07/27 141kB
19 DM916x-to-DM9163-Design-Differences PDF   2017/03/29 151kB

Technical Models and Drawings:

No Description / Download Type Version Date Size
41 DM9162_QFN-32 Schematic Daughterboard-EMI DSN 1.2 2012/12/10 262kB
42 DM9162 LQFP-48 Schematic_Daughterboard DSN-File ZIP 1.1  2015/02/17 405kB