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MAC+PHY Controllers



The single-port embedded ethernet controller chips support SPI/8/16/32-Bit parallel and PCI Bus Interfaces. They integrate a Fast Ethernet MAC+PHY and 4k Dword SRAM in a low lower and high performance process that supports 3.3V with 5V IO tolerance. All controllers are fully compliant to IEEE802.3 and support HP´s Auto MDI-X feature.
DM9000A, DM9010 and DM9102 are based on a power saving analog manufacturing process. DM9000B, DM9010B and DM9102H are more cost-effective due to a digital signal process. They are also available in industrial temperature range and 100% backward compatible to their predecessors.
DM9051 is a low cost Controller with SPI interface for applications that no not need the higher thruput of the parallel interface.
All controllers support generation and validation of TCP/IP and UDP checksum to reduce application controller load. Early TX minimizes the latency of the device.
Drivers for Windows CE, VX Works and are available for quick and easy integration.

8/16Bit 32Bit PCI MII/RMII Copper MDI-X Temp. current [max] Package Status
DM9051         10/100 0° to 70°C
-40° to 85°C
102+40mA* QFN-32 MP since 2013
DM9000     10/100   0° to 70°C 60+40mA* LQFP-100 MP since 2001
DM9000A         10/100 0° to 70°C 52+40mA* LQFP-48 MP since 2004
DM9000B         10/100 0° to 70°C
-40° to 85°C
130+40mA* LQFP-48 MP since 2008
DM9010     10/100 0° to 70°C 52+40mA* LQFP-100 MP since 2004
DM9010B     10/100 -40° to 85°C 130+40mA* LQFP-100 MP since 2008
DM9102D       10/100 0° to 70°C 52+40mA* LQFP-128 MP since 2004
DM9102H       10/100 0° to 70°C
-40° to 85°C
130+40mA* LQFP-128 MP since 2009

* (40mA is the estimated consumption of the ethernet transformer)