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The Melexis MLX90215 is a Programmable Linear Hall-Effect sensor with ratio-metric analog output.
All magnetic response functions of the MLX90215 are fully programmable for versatility and system tolerance reduction (End-Of-Line calibration).
The quiescent output voltage Vog (i.e. Vout @ B=0 Gauss), sensitivity, the magnitude of sensitivity drift over temperature (TC), the clamping levels are all programmable through the connector terminals (Vdd-Vss-Out).
It features active error correction circuitry (quadrature spinning current and chopper-stabilized amplification) which virtually eliminates the offset errors normally associated with Hall-Effect devices. The MLX90215 has a very stable thermal compensation for both the sensitivity and the Vog over the broad temperature range.
The ratio-metric output voltage is proportional to the supply voltage. When using the supply voltage as a reference for an A/D converter, fluctuations of ±10% in supply voltage will not affect accuracy. When programmed for a conventional sensitivity (with a positive gain), the voltage at the output will increase as a south magnetic field is applied to the branded face of the MLX90215.
Conversely, the voltage output will decrease in the presence of a north magnetic field. The MLX90215 has a sensitivity drift of less than +1% error and VOQ stability drift of less than +0,4% error over a broad temperature range.


Features Application examples
  • Programmable Linear-Hall-Effect Sensor
  • Analog ratio-metric output
  • Quad switched Hall Plate
  • Chopper Stabilized Amplifier
  • Factory Programmable Parameters
  • Adjustable Output Quiescent Voltage (Voq = Vout @ B = Gauss)
  • Adjustabe Sensitivity
  • Adjustable Temperature Compensation of Sensitivity
  • Very low Quiescient Voltage Temperature Drift
  • Wide temperature range from -40°C to 150°C (Code L)
  • Normal temperature range from -40°C to 85°C (Code E)
  • Operating voltage from 4.5V to 5.5V
  • Thin 4L TO92 flat package (VA package)
  • Rotary position sensor
  • Linear position sensor
  • Current sensing
  • Automotive applications
  • Industrial and robotics
  • Home and building automation
  • White goods and household appliances