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 The MLX90292 is a SMD redundant Programmable Linear Hall Sensor with digital reporting protocol for position sensor applications with high safety requirements (ISO 26262 - ASIL) and/or small data latency. The MLX90292 is available in TSSOP-16 package featuring 2 independent and isolated dies for redundancy purpose. The measured magnetic flux density is conditioned through a fast DSP and reported through 2-wire PAS-4, 2-Wire PSI-5 (Asynchronous mode - Point-to-point), 2-/3-wire PWM. Latency time is less than 500 us. All magnetic response functions of the MLX90292 are fully programmable for versatility and system tolerances reduction (End-Of-Line calibration).
The quiescent output data (i.e. Data @ B=0 Gauss), sensitivity, sensing polarity, the magnitude of sensitivity drift over temperature (TC - 1st & 2nd order), the transfer characteristic linearity (Piecewise Linearization), the thermal Voq drift and the signal bandwidth are all programmable through the 2-wire connector terminals (Vdd-Vss). The MLX90292 has a very stable thermal compensation for both the sensitivity and the output quiescent data over a broad temperature range. It features active error correction circuitry (quadrature spinning current and chopper-stabilized amplifier), which virtually eliminates the offset errors normally associated with Hall-Effect devices.


Features Application examples
  • Programmable Hall-Effect Sensor
    • 12-bit magnetic flux density
    • 8-bit temperature (PAS-4 & PSI-5)
    • Extensive diagnostic
    • Embedded µ-controller
    • Piecewise linearization
  • 2-Wire PAS-4/PSI-5
  • 2-/3-Wire PWM (up to 2 kHz)
  • End-of-Line programmable parameters
  • Measurement range from ±30mT to ±170mT
  • Programmable through the connector
  • Dual Die for redundancy (safety)
  • Dual customer area for supply chain split
  • Extensive diagnostic
  • Wide temperature range from -40°C to 150°C
  • Operating voltage from 4.6V to 8.7V
  • TSSOP16 SMD package
  • Rotary position sensor
  • Linear position sensor
  • Automotive applications
  • Industrial and robotics
  • Home and building automation
  • White goods and household appliances