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The MLX90621 delivers unmatched noise versus speed performance providing 0.4K NETD (noise equivalent temperature difference) at 16Hz. It is available in small size, TO39 metal can package for a cost effective 16x4 pixel thermal array. Factory calibrated to operate over a wide temperature range of -40 to 85 °C for sensor temperature it can measure object temperatures over the range of -20 to 300 °C. The device is available in three field of view options, including 60°x15°, 40°x10° and 120°x30°.Interface and control is managed via high speed I2C digital interface. The speed is programmable from a frame rate 0.5 to a frame rate of 512 Hz.
MLX90621 delivers unmatched performance and establishes a new milestone in the field of low cost, low resolution thermal imagers, enabling and facilitating a myriad of novel, low cost applications.

Read more about the MLX90621 in our news article.


Features Application examples
  • Small size, low cost 16x4 pixels IR array
  • Factory calibrated infrared temperature measurement:
    • -40 to 85°C for sensor temperature
    • -20 to 300°C for object temperature
    • Calibration parameters stored in EEPROM
  • Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD)
    • 0.20K RMS @4Hz refresh rate
  • I2C compatible digital interface
  • Programmable frame rate 0.5Hz to 512Hz
  • 2.6V supply voltage
  • Current consumption: typ. 5mA
  • Sleep mode consumption: max. 7μA
  • Measurement start trigger for synchronization
    with external control unit
  • Different package options for applications
    and measurements versatility
    • Option code A:   60°x15° FOV (Field Of View)
    • Option code B:   40°x10° FOV
    • Option code D: 100°x25° FOV
  • TO-39 package (SF package)
  • High precision non-contact temperature measurements
  • Home appliances with temperature control
  • Passenger classification
  • Intrusion / Movement detection:
    • Presence detection / Person localization
  • Temperature sensing element for commercial and
    industrial building air conditioning
  • Microwave ovens
  • Industrial temperature control of moving parts:
    • Identifying thermal leaks in homes
    • Thermal scanners
    • Security / safety gates