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RJ45 Connectors - 90° Tab-Up


Learning from their initial transformer designs, Taimag now produces a diversified list of magnetic products which include 10/100 Base to 1000 Base Transformers, ADSL, ISDN, and Home LAN Components for high frequency applications.
They also offer custom design support for making specific products for individual application requirements.







No Part-Number Type Transformer LEDs EMI Finger Temp. Info / CrossRef
TU1  RJL-002LB1 THT 10/100Base-TX
MDI-X capable
g/o - y -40 to 85°C ECN Foil
TU2 RJSL-003TC1 SMD 10/100Base-TX
MDI-X capable
g - g/o -40 to 85°C  DWG-File
TU3 RJL-003NC1 THT without y - g -40 to 85°C  
TU4 RJTC-202TA1 THT 10/100Base-TX
without without -40 to 85°C  
TU5 RJLU-012TA1 THT 10/100Base-TX y - g without -40 to 85°C 2 x USB-A ports 
TU6 RJL-005YC1 THT 10/100Base-TX
MDI-X capable
g - y -40 to 85°C   
TU7 RJLT-208TA1 THT 10/100Base-TX
MDI-X capable
g - y without  -40 to 85°C  Pulse
TU8 RJS-001TC1 SMD 10/100Base-TX
MDI-X capable
-40 to 85°C Midcom
TU9 RJSL-002TC1 SMD 10/100Base-TX y - g -40 to 85°C low profile
TU10 RJSL-009TA1 SMD 10/100Base-TX
MDI-X capable
y - g without  -40 to 85°C low profile
 DWG 2D-File
TU11 RJ-SMT-002NLF SMD without without   -40 to 85°C