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Serial-to-Ethernet Gateway Modules

The Wiznet Serial-to-Ethernet Gateway Module Family is a reliable low-cost alterantive to Lantronix or Digi Modules. Firmware Sourcecode is available on request. Customized Versions are possible.

TYPE Copper
Interface RJ45 DB9 Pitch Temp. EVBs Based upon Dimensions
W7100A-S2E 10/100M Gateway IC with WIZ107SR or WIZ108SR FW       -40° to 85°C W7100A
W7100A 13x13mm (LQFP-100)
10x10mm (QFN-64)
WIZ550S2E 10/100M TTL (3.3V)

  2.54mm -40° to 85°C WIZ550S2E W5500 55x30x24
WIZ100SR 10/100M TTL (3.3V)     2.00mm 0° to 80°C


W5100 50x30x12
10/100M TTL (3.3V) or RS232

  2.54mm -40° to 85°C WIZ107SR
W5100 48x30x18
WIZ110SR 10/100M RS232

  0° to 80°C   W5100  75x50x17
WIZ120SR 10/100M 2 x TTL (3.3V)     2.00mm 0° to 70°C WIZ120SR W5100 50x30x9
WIZ125SR 10/100M 2 x RS232


  0° to 70°C   W5100 60x89x18
WIZ140SR 10/100M 4 x TTL (3.3V)     2.54mm 0° to 70°C WIZ140SR W5300  48x36x16
WIZ145SR 10/100M 4 x TTL (3.3V)

  2.54mm 0° to 70°C WIZ145SR W5300 48x61x25
WIZ1000 10/100M RS232

  0° to 80°C   WIZ110SR 91x92x23
WIZ110SR in
metal case