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Single Chip PCI Fast Ethernet NIC Controller DM9102H


The DM9102H is a fully integrated and cost effective single chip Fast Ethernet NIC controller. It is designed with low power and high performance process. It is a 1.8/3.3V device with 5V tolerance.
It provides direct interface to the PCI bus and supports bus master mode to achieve the high performance of the PCI bus. It fully complies with PCI 2.2. It is pin and software compatible to DM9102D. In the media side, the DM9102H interfaces to the UTP3, 4, 5 in 10Base-T and the UTP5 in 100Base-TX. It is fully compliant with the IEEE 802.3u Spec.
The auto-negotiation and HP Auto-MDIX function can automatically configure the DM9102H to take the maximum advantage of its abilities. The DM9102H also supports IEEE 802.3x's full-duplex flow control to prevent the receive overflow of link partner. The IPv4 IP/TCP/UDP checksum generation and checking can reduce the system CPU utilization.
Two different current saving mechanisms are integrated: The main mode is based on the OnNow Achitecture that is required for PC99. Alternative Modes is based on Remote Wake-on-LAN.



No Description / Download Type Version Date Size
01 Davicom General Layout-Guide PDF 1.01 2011/05/05 719kB
02 Davicom Hardware Layout Guide PDF   2009/01/08 9,4M
03 Dacom Ethernet Design-In Guide PDF 1.00 2011/11/18 2,64M
04 Connecting 2 Davicom devices without transformers PDF   2007/12/11 76kB
05 Design hint Center-Tabs Transformer to PHY PDF   2011/02/02 305kB
06 Crystal Information PDF   2013/09/24 59kB
07 Programming-Reference-Flow-Chart PDF 1.00 2009/01/07 130kB

Part Specific:

11 DM9102x Comparison and migration PDF   2011/04/15 253kB
12 DM9102x Serials Programming Guide PDF   2005/11/11 337kB
13 DM9102H Sematic PDF   2009/02/26 38kB


Technical Models and Drawings:

No Description / Download Type Version Date Size
41 DM9102x_Orcad File ZIP   2011/09/12