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EPD- Driver / Electrophoretic Display Driver / E-Paper Driver



Flexible, portable, ultra low power consumption, all these characteristics are included in the EPD (Electrophoretic Display Driver). Suitable for applications like E-ticket, electronic price tag, signboard, display smart card, Fitness Tracker, EPD watch etc. The EPD Driver with MCU makes it even easier to develop new products.

The EPD Driver family consists of Hi-V DC-DC charge pumping for EPD application supporting 36 to 256 segments. User can chose 0V, 15V or 30V to drive the EPD. All these functions are controlled by 2-wire serial interface. Therefore customer can choose between a large variety of MCUs. Up to 4 drivers can be cascadized.

Application Note

EPD Driver development kit User Guide

TYPE Segments Common / Background
EPD Driving Voltage
Cascade Temperature LFBGA
LQFP COF, punch,
2 Layer
die with bumping die w/o bumping Wafer with bumping Wafer w/o bumping
DM130036 36 2 / 2 0V, 15V, 30V max. 4 0° to 70°C  64 pin 64 pin 159 pin 64 pin 64 pin
Output Voltage
120 1 / 1 0V, 15V, 30V max. 4 0° to 70°C  145 pin 176 pin 177 pin 146 pin 146 pin
DM130160  160 1 / 1 0V, 15V, 30V max. 4  0° to 70°C     239 pin 186 pin 186 pin
DM130256 256 1 / 1   max. 4  -20° to 75°C       281 pin 281 pin
        MCU Mask ROM RAM stack RAM          
Manual EVB
120 1 / 1 5V, 15V, 30V, Hi  8 Bit 16kB 1kB 256 bytes 176 pin 168 pin 168 pin