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The MLX90809 is a packaged, factory calibrated, integrated relative pressure sensor delivering a ratiometric analog or digital signal using the SENT protocol.

Use of an optimized architecture and a high density CMOS technology imparts our MLX90809 with best in class automotive electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance.

A digital signal processor or DSP-based architecture using a 16-bit microcontroller provides outstanding performance in terms of initial accuracy. A smart package and die assembly concept suits applications with stringent automotive temperature and stress conditions needing small drift over life.

Features and Benefits
  • High accuracy relative pressure sensor (+/-1.5%FSO)
  • Ratiometric analog output or digital SENT output
  • Fully integrated IC: MEMS, analog front end circuitry, 16 bit microcontroller, analog back end circuitry, voltage regulators
  • Large automotive temperature range (-40°C to 150°C)
  • Automotive qualified and automotive diagnostic features (clamping levels, broken track diagnostics, multiple internal fault diagnostics)
  • Factory calibrated and/or fully programmable through the connector for customized calibration curves
  • Back side exposed relative pressure sensor for higher resistance to common automotive media
  • Assembled in a robust easy to seal package
Application Examples
  • Automotive applications
    Vacuum measurement

    Clogged filter detection

    Seat lumbar cushion sensor
  • Industrial applications
    Vacuum sensor

    Process monitoring

    Fluid pressure (low pressure/high
  • Consumer/Home appliance applications
    Filter monitoring

    Dispensing/metering systems

    White goods
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