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Luksens, established in 2001, is a company specialized in the design and manufacturing of high-quality sensors and automation solutions for industrial and commercial applications.
With locations in Germany (Düsseldorf), China (Shenzhen + Zhuhai) and their partner in the Philippines, Luksens offers rapid response and flexibility to support the global supply chain challenge.
Luksens’ stringent policy is recognized by the ISO9001 certification.
They understand that quality is fundamental to the industry. Luksens has established a perfect system of supply chain and logistics.
They offer customized service, including an own R&D team, tool shop, mould design, electromagnetic simulation etc.
Luksens Dacom West

Design Capability

In order to improve our design and installation capabilities LUKSENS constantly and consistently invests in only the most outstanding personnel and cutting-edge technology.
Luksens Dacom West

Production Capacity

LUKSENS manufactures electronic and mechanical components for a range of industries which include industrial automation, alternative energy and commercial appliance.
Luksens Dacom West

Quality Control

We have built an advanced manufacturing system by combining the Lean Manufacturing concept with the procedural discipline of ISO 9001:2015 standards.

LUKSENS has been committed to being a reliable partner for users in the areas of high- quality current sensor solutions. Through professional research & development, manufacture, sales, and service teams, LUKSENS offer innovative sensor solutions in Domestic Appliance, Energy Management, Drive Motion and Industrial Automation.

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