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The MLX90395 is a 3D magnetometer capable of measuring X, Y, and Z magnetic fields and is an expansion of the set of Melexis sensors offering this output. Unlike many other magnetometers, the MLX90395 is designed to sense magnetic fields produced by a permanent magnet versus earths magnetic field. Therefore, the MLX90395 is well suited to sense the position of a static or moving magnet in the vicinity of the sensor by measuring the magnetic fields produced by it.

Compared to the previously released, consumer-product-focused MLX90393, the MLX90395 shares many features but also differs in many ways.

Wider temperature range
The MLX90395 operates over a wider temperature range than the MLX90393, from -40 degC to 125 degC ambient, making the MLX90395 suitable for in-cabin, on-body, or light powertrain applications in automotive. It is also suitable for many industrial applications like factory automation, robotics, or material handling.

Higher speed operation
The speed has been increased, up to a 2kHz peak sampling rate, when measuring all three magnetic field axes.

Supply voltage measurement
The MLX90395 can also measure its own supply voltage to enable a plausibility check to be conducted with the ADC in the host microcontroller. The supply voltage measurement also enables monitoring of battery discharge in battery powered applications.



Features Application examples
  • Micro-power magnetic field sensor
  • Selectable digital output with programmable duty cycle: 16-bit magnetic field (XYZ), 16-bit supply voltage (V), and 14-bit temperature (T)
  • Triggered and free-running modes
  • Programmable measurement range & extended magnetic sensing range option
  • Up to 10 MHz SPI or 1 MHz I2C
  • Automotive-grade (AEC-Q100)
  • Automotive shift lever
  • Industrial joysticks
  • Transmission position sensors