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Revolutionary Hall switches obsolete Reed switches for level sensing.
Tiny, contactless and programmable IC delivers failure-free assembly of solutions for liquid level measurement.

Application examples:

Reed switch replacement

Direct load driving

Fluid level meter applications

Applications for level measuring devices

High-Side / Low-Side switch

Mounting safety

The MLX92362 is a revolutionary Hall switch providing better assembly yield and reliability in fluid level measurements. With Its isolated floating output, the MLX92362 only requires power to directly drive the load.


The MLX92362 can be programmed to output direct or inverted signal from one of the two sensitive axes – X(Y) or Z. The signal available on the output pins is the result of a comparison between the applied magnetic field and the pre-programmed magnetic thresholds BOP and BRP for the selected sensitive axis.


The MLX92362 can be programmed to act as magnetic latch or unipolar switch or omnipolar switch. Note that a series of ICs can be connected in a single module, and synchronized via the same 3-wire interface thanks to the built-in daisy-chain function.

Application Diagram

Several sensors can be connected to a single module.

The analogue voltage Vout is generated by closing the potential-free switch.

Over 1 Billion Triaxis® in the field


Unique plug-and-play magnetic latch/switch with direct load driving, isolated floating output.

The MLX92362 is a revolutionary potential-free switch:

Based on Hall effect and silicon on an Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technology, it only needs current to drive a load directly.

Features and benefits

Normal or lateral magnetic sensitivity options X (Y) or Z

Output current up to 100 mA (AMR 200 mA)

Operating temperature from -40°C to 150°C

Package RoHS compliant TSOT-6L

Output isolated from the supply voltage Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI)

OUTA/OUTB potentials can be below GND or above VDD

Programmable magnetic thresholds and threshold temperature coefficient

(for 5 ms conversion time)

Low average supply current – 180μA typical

Built-in daisy-chain functionality to synchronize multiple ICs


Selectable operating modes: single measurement or continuous mode up to 1.4 kHz (XYZ)


Programmable magnetic Latch, Unipolar and Omnipolar Switch function

Typical R_on of 3Ω

Operating voltage range from 4.5V to 28V

Under-Voltage Reset protection

Thermal protection

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