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The MLX90254 is an AC-Coupled Differential Gear-Tooth Sensor which targets automotive crankshaft applications.
It is designed to be used with a back bias magnet to sense the rotating speed (incremental position) of a ferrous toothwheel. Alternatively, the MLX90254 can also be used to sense the rotating speed of a magnetic encoder.
The AC-coupling is realized through an on-chip capacitor implementing a high-pass filter. This filter prevents a zero-speed operation but it enables a continuous-time operation (no sampling) and consequently a high sensitivity (low hysteresis) and repeatability (jitter).
Its low hysteresis enables it to operate over a wide range of airgap and a broad temperature range (from -40°C to 150°C).
The device has an open-drain output (low-side) which is short-circuit protected. 


Features Application examples
  • Differential Gear-Tooth Sensor
  • AC-Coupled
  • Operation from 15-20 Hz
  • Distance between Hall plates: 2.25 mm
  • Excellent repeatability (jitter) performance
  • Large airgap range 
  • 4-SIP-VA Package (Through Hole)
  • Automotive - Transmission
  • Automotive - Powertrain