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NTSC - PAL Video Decoder

DM5150/60 are 1-channel video decoders designed for cameras with 720H or 960H CCD sensors. They convert 6.5 MHz analog CVBS signals to digital 27 MHz CCIR656 signals. Both integrate an internal PLL, and decode 720H/960H videos using 27MHz external clock source.
DM5900/60 additionally feature a patented fast switch function. With this they can decode up to 2 analog CVBS with little frame rate loss.

The DM5865/66 are 4-channel video decoders which convert 4 channels of 6.5 or 9 MHz analog CVBS signals to 4 channels of digital 27 or 36 MHz CCIR656 signals. They integrate two internal PLLs, and decode 720H or 960H videos using the same (27MHz) external clock source. With the fast switch function, they can decode up to 8 analog CVBS with little frame rate loss. Both include five audio ADCs and one audio DAC. Audio cascade up to 16 channels is also supported.
DM5885/86 additionally include two SD mixers and one HD mixer. Each SD/HD mixer can multiplex up to 4 video sources. In addition to two SD CCIR656 outputs or one HD SMPTE 274M output, the mixer can output four D1 videos through one TDM4 interface. The mixers support image mirror and H partition functions. Interlaced and progressive digital video outputs are also being supported.


TypeChannelsMixerResolutionVideo ADCsAudio ADC/DACFast SwitchTemp.PackageSchematics
DM51501720H2x10bit-65° - 150°CLQFP-32DM5150
DM51601960H / 720H2x10bit-65° - 150°CLQFP-32DM5160
DM59001720H2x10bitja-65° - 150°CLQFP-32
DM59601960H / 720H2x10bitja-65° - 150°CLQFP-32DM5960
DM58654720H2x10bit5 / 1ja-65° - 150°CLQFP-128DM5865
DM58664960H / 720H2x10bit5 / 1ja-65° - 150°CLQFP-128DM5866
DM588542 SD / 1 HD720H2x10bit5 / 1ja-65° - 150°CLQFP-128DM5885
DM588642 SD / 1 HD960H / 720H2x10bit5 / 1ja-65° - 150°CLQFP-128DM5886