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MLX91210: 100 kHz Integrated Current Sensor



The Melexis MLX91210 is an Integrated Current Sensor that senses the current flowing through half of the leads of the SOIC package. This current conducting copper path exhibits very low power dissipation (0.7 - 0.8mΩ). By virtue of fixing the current conductor position with respect to the monolithic CMOS sensor inside the plastic package, a fully integrated factory calibrated Hall-effect current sensor is obtained.
Inside the package, the magnetic flux density generated by the current flow is sensed differentially by two sets of Hall plates. As a result the influence of external common mode fields is minimized in the fast analog front-end. These external fields originate from the dense power electronics and inductors surrounding the IC or even the earth magnetic field. The residual signal proportional to the current flowing through the leadframe is then amplified to provide a high-speed linear analog output voltage.
The close proximity of the Hall plates to the current conductor ensures a good signal-to-noise ratio and an accurate signal over temperature. The small form factor of the surface mount sensors saves board space and cost, while maintaining high voltage isolation ratings between the primary leads and their opposing secondary side leads of the package.
The product is targeting consumer and industrial applications such as power monitoring in households as well as server farms and motherboards, but also motor control and load detection, power supplies (Uninterrupted & Switched Mode) and overcurrent detection.

 Product versions

  • MLX91210 – SOIC8  – 80mV/A or +/-25A sensing range
  • MLX91210 – SOIC8  – 40mV/A or +/-50A sensing range
  • MLX91210 – SOIC16  – 80mV/A or +/-25A sensing range
  • MLX91210 – SOIC16  – 40mV/A or +/-50A sensing range


Features Application examples
  • Factory trimmed AC and DC Hall Effect current sensor
  • No application programming required
  • Current capability: ±100A typical
  • Analog ratio-metric output voltage
  • Large Bandwidth from DC to 100kHz typical
  • Fast response time: 5µs typical
  • Temperature drift compensation
  • No magnetic hysteresis
  • Low ohmic losses of integrated conductor:
    0.8mΩ for SOIC-8  & 0.7mΩ for SOIC-16
  • Rated voltage isolation:
    2.1kVRMS for SOIC-8 & 2.5kVRMS for SOIC-16
  • Wide temperature range from -40°C to 125°C (Code K)
  • Operating voltage from 4.5V to 5.5V
  • SOIC-8 SMD package and SOIC-16 SMD package
  • Household/Appliance Smart Metering
  • Electric Motor Control
  • Demand Response Load Control
  • Servers / Motherboard monitoring
  • Switched Mode Power Supplies
  • Industrial and Robotics
  • Home and building automation 
  • White goods and household appliances