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Commercial Grade Flash Storage Products


Cactus Technologie's Commercial Grade series are based on MLC NAND and deliver a great value for a cost effective price. These devices come in a wide variety of interfaces and form factors while providing a locked-BOM and as long a life cycle as achievable. Be sure to see the chart to the right to determine if MLC NAND based flash storage is right for your application.


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(Single Level Cell)
(Pseudo SLC)
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Bit/Cell 1 1 2 3
Endurance Cycles 100K / 80K / 50K * 20K ** 3K **
300 **
Data Retention
Life Cycle  
Locked BOM  
Cost $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $











* Basic physical endurance without any software mechanisms, depending on the used technology (SLC: 43nm / 32nm / 24nm, pSLC/MLC: 15nm)



M.2 (2242 & 2260)


KD1TF 270PM7 100x100
M.2 NVMe (2280)


CFast Series 240S

SD Card

microSD Card





Commmercial Grade General Features


Highest Quality and Reliability

  • Unrelenting focus on Quality and Reliability since our inception in 2005
  • ISO9001 and ISO14001 Certified manufacturing


True BOM (Bill-Of-Material) Control

  • PCN issued for BOM changes – relative quick change due to fast MLC NAND transitions
  • Can buy existing BOM under custom PN and bond material to extend life


Most Common Form Factors Available

  • Several form factors available in Commercial Grade


Life Cycles

  • Typical life cycles of 18-36 months for Commercial Grade products


Expert Sales Support

  • Knowledgeable pre and post-Sales Support Personnel
  • Tuned into customer requirements and able to draw on right resources to satisfy needs



  • Custom labeling; custom parameters & format load
  • Complete custom product design available
  • Screening for wide temperature ranges

Cactus Design

  • Custom Cactus Design (not off the shelf reference designs) for our products
  • At minimum, all designs modified for improved functionality and reliability


Engineering Design Assistance (Pre-Sales)

  • Superior Apps engineering support to assist customers w/specific design issues
  • Changes to card characteristics may resolve host system issues
  • Custom configurations to meet customer requirements


Applications Engineering Support (Post-Sales)

  • Apps engineers available to support any Cactus issues
  • Failure Analysis available to determine root cause on rare occurrence of failures
  • All Cactus employees focused on Total Customer Satisfaction


Order Management - Easy to do Business with

  • Strive daily to meet all customer needs