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USB solutions for industrial applications

Cactus Technologies Industrial Grade USB solutions are rugged, highly reliable, high endurance flash storage devices which conform to the USB Implementer Forum’s specifications. They are compliant with USB2.0 and USB Mass Storage Class specifications v1.0. As with our other Industrial Grade devices, the USB products are designed with the highest quality SLC NAND for applications which demand data integrity and 100% uptime.

The USB solutions are available as classic USB thumbdrive, as uDOM and, recently added, as a proprietary M.2 form factor.

These products have an optional -45C to 90C extended temperature range version. If a custom solution is required, please contact us.



SeriesFormatInterfaceFlashEnduranceCapacityMax. ReadMax Write0°C - 70°C-45°C - 90°CWarranty
100ThumbdriveUSB 2.0SLC100000128MB - 8GB30MB/s25MB/s5 years
100USB DOMUSB 2.0SLC100000128MB - 8GB30MB/s25MB/s5 years
400uDOM M.2 2242USB 3.1SLC600002GB - 4GB55MB/s30MB/s5 years