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SATA M.2 solutions

Silicon Powers' SATA III M.2 solutions are compliant to Serial ATA revision 3.1 and provide a high performance in combination with excellent endurance even fo challenging industrial applications. Due to the long term availability and the long warranty provided by Silicon power, the SATA III M.2 solutions are an excellent choice for any environment.


Product Overview

SeriesFormatFlashEnduranceCapacityMax. ReadMax WriteIOPS 4K ReadIOPS 4K Write0°C - 70°C-15°C - 85°C-40°C - 85°CPower ShieldPFPDEVSLPAES256Warranty
MDC700R2280SLC600008GB - 64GB175MB/s165MB/s45000200005 years
MDC500R2280pSLC (MLC)300008GB - 128GB480MB/s320MB/s74000700003 years
MDC300R2280MLC300016GB - 512GB480MB/s320MB/s74000700003 years
MDC300S2280MLC300016GB - 512GB520MB/s340MB/s75000790003 years
MDC550R2280pSLC (3D TLC)3000016GB - 256GB560MB/s520MB/s74000530003 years
MDC350R22803D TLC300064GB - 1TB520MB/s480MB/s74000530003 years
MDC350S22803D TLC300064GB - 1TB520MB/s480MB/s74000530003 years
MDC3F0E (*)22803D TLC300064GB - 1TB550MB/s500MB/s80000750003 years
MDA550S2242pSLC (3D TLC)3000016GB - 128GB520MB/s390MB/s74000530003 years
MDA350S22423D TLC300064GB - 512GB520MB/s390MB/s74000530003 years
MDA3F0E (*)22423D TLC300064GB - 512GB550MB/s490MB/s75000680003 years