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USB Solutions

Silicon Powers' general purpose USB products are available as USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 versions. Due to the robust case and the compact size they can be uses in various applications in the industrial area. With the high performance and the long warranty the USB solutions by Silicon Power are an excellent choice.


Product overview

SeriesFormatInterfaceFlashEnduranceCapacityMax. ReadMax Write0°C - 70°CMTBFConnector CyclesSP Smart UtilityWarranty
UFD350ThumbdriveUSB 3.03D TLC300032GB - 512GB200MB/s140MB/s~2.000.000 h100003 years
UFD320ThumbdriveUSB 3.03D TLC300032GB - 256GB90MB/s70MB/s~2.000.000 h100003 years
UFD-I50ThumbdriveUSB 3.0MLC30008GB - 64GB195MB/s85MB/s~2.000.000 h100003 years
UFD710ThumbdriveUSB 2.0SLC60000512MB - 16GB22MB/s19MB/s~2.000.000 h10000on request5 years
UFD510ThumbdriveUSB 2.0pSLC (MLC300004GB - 16GB20MB/s15MB/s~2.000.000 h10000on request3 years