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SD/eMMC, CF/PATA, SATA & USB Flash Controller

 file link icon Hyperstone quick overview

Hyperstone, based in Konstanz (Germany), is a fabless semiconductor and microprocessor design company. Hyperstone’s products include industrial grade microcontrollers for Serial-ATA and Parallel-ATA Solid State Disks (SSD), Disk-on-Module (DoM), Disk-on-Board (DoB), embedded Flash solutions such as eMMC, and Flash cards such as CF, SD & microSD. USB controllers complete the portfolio.
Memory Solutions based on Hyperstone's technology are used in different markets, like telecom, industrial automation, medical, automotive, security & identification, gaming machines, vending machines and smart metering.

  • Extraordinary power-fail protection
  • Turnkey solution including firmware, manufacturing kit, test and development hardware, as well as reference schematics
  • Continuously updated flash memory chip support and long term availability
  • Custom features can be implemented with simple firmware upgrades
  • ISO7816 Interface for smartcard applications
  • ISO7816 Pins also can be used as GPIO for customer specific applications


 Flash Controller overview:

 Type Bus I/F Flash read/write [max] channel Spec Temp. ECC Packages


120 MB/s / 120 MB/s

2 CF 4.1, 5.0
compatible to 6.1

-40° to 85°C

up to 96 bit

Die / Wafer



150 MB/s / 130 MB/s

4 SATA 2.6
CFast 1.1
compatible to ATA-8

-40° to 85°C


Die / Wafer

S8 SD / eMMC


90 MB/s / 90 MB/s
60 MB/s / 60 MB/s

1 SD 3.0 (UHS-I)
SD 2.0
eSD 2.1
eMMC 4.4, 4.2

-40° to 85°C

up to 96 bit

Die / Wafer

U8 USB 2.0


35 MB/s / 25 MB/s

1  USB 2.0

-40° to 85°C

up to 96 bit

Die / Wafer

U9 USB 3.1 Gen. 1


200 MB/s / 150 MB/s

2  USB 3.1 Gen1

-40° to 85°C

up to 96 bit

Die / Wafer


General features

  • Controller & CPU
    • High performance 32-Bit Hyperstone RISC microprocessor
    • Large internal RAM provides firmware flexibility
    • Power-fail protection
    • Capacitor buffered power down possible
    • Supply voltage 3.3V
    • On-chip voltage regulator for 1.8V flash memory (depending on controller type)
  • S.M.A.R.T. monitoring
  • Flash management including LBA to PBA mapping
  • Bad block management
  • Static, dynamic and global wear leveling
  • On-the-fly garbage collection
  • Read disturb management, dynamic data refresh to maximize data retention and refresh data subject to read disturbance
  • Management of sudden power-fails
  • Interleaving, cache and multi-plane programming
  • Firmware is stored redundantly for recovery and refresh