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The MLX75030 Universal Active Light Sensor Interface can control two active light channels independently. Each channel is defined by a control output to drive 1 LED and a sense input to connect a photodiode. A wide range of LEDs and photodiodes are supported directly. The device will control the LED current and measure any photodiode current, which will be converted by the on board ADC. This information can be transferred to a basic microcontroller via SPI. The optical light intensity of both active light channels can be used to detect proximity of an object close to the detectors, independent from the background light level. This information can be used by software algorithms to distinguish human gestures like e.g. swiping from left to right or up to down and vice versa. Smart placement of the LEDs / photodiodes can extend the number of gestures that can be detected. The MLX75030 is able to measure up to two ambient light levels and can provide this data to various other systems. For this application a wide range of different detectors can be connected to the ambient sensor terminals of the device. The IC provides various auxiliary circuit functions to support the main mission of the Active Light Sensor Interface, for example, a watchdog function, bias and reference sources and clock generators to control and drive the various on-chip functions. In addition, an SPI Interface is included to support data exchange between the IC and the microcontroller.


Features Application examples
    • Two independent simultaneously operating active light measurement channels
    • Integrated DC light cancellation circuitry for active light channel DC light suppression
    • Two logarithmic ambient light channels
    • High input capacitance tolerant input current terminals
    • Extremely high degree of adaptability for different optical systems
    • Integrated 16Bit ADC
    • Built-in background light suppression
    • Integrated temperature sensor
    • Stand-by and sleep modes for low power consumption
    • Integrated watchdog timer
    • Digital communication interface via SPI
    • Supply Voltage range VDD from 3.0V to 3.6V
    • Temperature range from -40°C to 105°C (Code R)
    • Consumer Temperature range from 0°C to 70°C (Code C)
    • 24L QFN 4x4 package
  • Optical proximity sensing & display dimming
  • Driver/passenger discrimination
  • Industrial & Robotics
  • Touch-less gesture recognition: 
    • Simple gesture recognition, like left/right swipe
  • Touch Screen Wake-up on Proximity