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The new Melexis MLX80031 extends the LIN transceiver and system basis product line for the simple and effective development of LIN slaves.
This IC transceiver combines a physical layer LIN transceiver according to LIN 2.x as well as SAEJ2602 with a 3.3V/70mA voltage regulator with RESET output for the connected microcontroller and a window watchdog.
This enhanced IC transceiver is optimized in accordance with the increased EMC requirements for single wire bus systems as well as the “Hardware Requirements for LIN, CAN and Flexray Interfaces in Automotive Applications” defined from German OEMs.
The MLX80031 achieves world leading ESD robustness of >20kV with direct discharge as well as >15kV with indirect discharge according to IEC61000-4-2.


Features Application examples
  • LIN 2.x / SAE J2602 compliant
  • Operating voltage VSUP = 5 ... 18V
  • 3 modes: Normal, silent and sleep
  • Linear low drop voltage regulator
    • Normal mode 3.3V/70mA ±2%
    • Silent mode 3.3V/20mA ±2%
  • Low current consumption (typ)
    • Sleep mode 20uA,
    • Silent mode “noload” 45uA
  • Output current limitation
  • LIN-Bus Transceiver
    • Baud rate up to 20 kBaud
    • Slew rate control for best EME behaviour
    • Low slew mode for optimized SAE J2602 transmission
    • High impedance LIN pin in case of loss of ground or battery
    • Bus input voltages -24V to 30V independent from VBat
  • Remote and local wake up source recognition
  • VCC undervoltage detection at NRES output (start-up delay 4ms)
    • Vres threshold 3.0V
  • VSUP undervoltage detection (POR), Over temperature shutdown
  • TxD dominant timeout function, Standby mode time out after 350ms
  • Programmable window watchdog
  • Output current extension via external transistor
  • Additional WAKE Input
  • Ignition Input
  • Wide temperature range from -40°C to 125°C (Code K)
  • Interface I/O’s independent from voltage regulator output
  • Enhanced ESD robustness according to IEC 61000-4-2
  • 20-pin Quad Flat No-Lead 20L QFN 5x5
  • Automotive - Powertrain
  • Automotive - Hybrid & Electric Powetrain
  • Automotive - Body, HVAC, Comfort & Lighting
  • Automotive - Chassis & Safety