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The MLX81150 is a highly integrated motor controller for DC- and 1-/2-Phase BLDC motor control in 12V automotive applications.
It is a high integration concept by putting a 16-bit-Flash-Microcontroller, voltage regulator, complete LIN-protocol, LIN-transceiver, Relay- and Power-FET-Gate-Driver as well as several blocks for DC and BLDC motor operation in one single monolithic IC.
The MLX81150 comes with an interface for Hall sensor connection in order to enable position sensing. The IC addresses positioning actuators with DC motors as throttle valves or window lifters as well as permanent running motors in auxiliary water or oil pumps using DC or 1-phase / 2-phase BLDC motors.



Features Application examples
  • Application Controller
    • 16 bit RISC-CPU
    • Co-processor for fast multiplication and division
    • In-circuit debug and emulation
  •  Memories
    • 2 kByte Flash with ECC
    • 2 kByte RAM
    • 384 Byte EEPROM with ECC for customer purpose
  • Supported bus interface
    • LIN-Interface with integrated LIN transceiver supporting LIN 2.x and SAE J2602,
      certified LIN protocol software provided by Melexis
    • In-Module-Programming (Flash and EE) via pin LIN using a special Melexis fast protocol
    • PWM-Interface
    • Full duplex SPI, Master/Slave, double-buffered, speed programmable
  •  Periphery
    • 4 programmable 16bit PWM modules for external transistor full bridge applications
    • Timer unit 16 bit with 4 capture and 4 compare
    • 25 MHz +/-5% internal RC-oscillator with PLL, optional crystal resonator
    • Load dump and brown out interrupt function
    • Digital watchdog for software flow tracking / System-Clock-independent fully integrated watchdog
    • 10 bit ADC with < 6μs conversion time with multiple channels and
      different ADC references, DMA access to RAM
    • On-chip temperature sensor with +/-10K accuracy
    • 8 multiple purpose I/Os
    • 2 integrated relay drivers with free wheel function / 2 inputs for relay contact or shunt current monitoring
    • 1 switch-able supply output for external Hall sensor connection
    • Over current detection, shunt current sense
  • Voltage Regulator
    • Internal voltage regulator, direct powered from 12V battery supply
    • Operating voltage VS = 5.5V to 18V, IC will work down to 3.9V
    • Very low SLEEP MODE current < 30uA, Wake up by LIN traffic or local sources
  • 28V jump start and 45V load dump protected
  • Wide temperature range from -40°C to 150°C (Code L)
  • 32L QFN 5x5 package and 48L TQFP 7x7 package
  • 1 / 2 phase BLDC motor control
  • LIN slaves for all kind of high current DC
  • Sensor interface chip I/O or SPI to LIN