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The US90 is a one-chip solution for driving two-coil brushless DC fans. Based on advanced Melexis CMOS process, the IC contains a Hall-effect sensor, dynamic offset correction and low side output drivers. The output drivers OUT1 and OUT2 are fully protected against switching transients. So there is no need for an external Zener-diode to cut the high voltage spikes induced by the fan coils.
The US90A has an open-drain integrated tachometer (FG) output that follows the Hall signal.  It goes high when the flux switching frequency becomes too low, which means the motor is blocked.
These features are combined with the Melexis patented no-VDD design to fit the IC in a small 4-pin through-hole package (TO92).



Features Application examples
  • 2-coil fan driver
  • On-chip solution with Hall-element and output drivers
  • High sensitivity integrated Hall sensor
  • Tachometer signal (FG) protected output
  • Locked rotor protection and auto-restart
  • Power-efficient CMOS and power MOSFETs
  • Built-in output protection clamping diode
  • Temperature range from -40°C to 85°C (Code E)
  • Low supply voltage from 4.7V to 30V
  • Low output resistance
  • Output currents:
    • 500mA Peak
    • 250mA Continuous
  • TO92-4L package (VK package)
  • 5V / 12V 2-Coil brushless DC motor / fan
  • Automotive applications
  • Industrial and Robotics
  • Home & Office Automation
  • Building& Security Automation
  • Consumer solutions
  • White Goods & Household Appliances