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Germany / General
André Huntrieser
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Field Applications Engineer
Günter Fuchs
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Raphael Balke
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Austria / Switzerland
Karl Eder
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Obsolete product - Not for new designs. 


The Melexis MLX73290-A combines a highly integrated Radio Frequency (RF) transceiver for long range, high speed communication and a 3 dimensional low frequency interface (3DLF) for low power wake-up. This unique combination makes the MLX73290-A suitable for applications requiring a very low power wake-up function together with long range, high speed RF feedback.
The transceiver part allows for multi-channel operation including frequency hopping in the European bands (433 and 868 MHz) as well as in North America or Asia bands (315 or 915 MHz). The output power, frequency channel, modulation type and frequency deviation are programmable. Thanks to the high frequency resolution and phase noise performance of its fractional-N PLL, the MLX73290-A is fit for narrow-band operation. There are two selectable modulation schemes: binary on-off keying (OOK) and binary frequency shift keying (FSK) as well as their Gaussian filtered versions. The low-IF receiver part comprises fully digital demodulation and self-polling features together with channel scanning and built-in packet recognition.
The 3DLF interface features an automatic and programmable wake-up algorithm together with an integrated data decoder to receive the payload. Monitoring independently the RSSI information from the 3-axis LF front-ends allows precise monitoring of the received LF field. Thanks to its internal rectifier, power management and load modulator, the MLX73290-A is capable of battery-less LF RFID tag operation.


Features Application examples
  • On-chip combination of 3DLF & RF technologies
  • Multiband frequency coverage from 299MHz up to 960MHz
  • 3DLF 125kHz interface for low power wakeup
  • Backup Mode for batteryless operations
  • Internal rectifier, power management and load modulator
  • RSSI information from LF and RF interfaces
  • Transmitter with power detector
  • LF / RF intelligent self-polling modes for low power operations
  • Modulation schemes supported: (G)FSK, (G)MSK, (G)OOK
  • Transmitter power from -20 to 13dBm, 64 steps
  • Receiver sensitivity from -120dBm (FSK, 433MHz, 15kHz CHBW)
  • Supply voltage range from 2.1V to 3.6V
  • Temperature range from -40°C to +105°C
  • PLL synthesizer with 60Hz resolution
  • Channel filter bandwidth from 9kHz to 600kHz
  • Data rate from 0.3 to 250kbps (GFSK)
  • FSK deviation (programmable in steps) +/-125kHz
  • 32MHz crystal frequency
  • Comprehensive supply monitoring & error handling capabilities
  • Multi-channel sensing and packet recognition
  • SPI programmable in stand-by mode
  • SPI interface with embedded FIFO, 256bytes for RF and 8bytes for LF interfaces
  • 256byte FIFO (can be split 128/128 for RX/TX)
  • 4 programmable GPIO ports
  • 32L QFN 5x5 package
  • Compliant to EN 300 220, DASH7, FCC part 15, ARIB STD-T67 and other standards
  • Wireless Access Control
  • Low-power tracking systems
  • Active LF-RFID Tags (125kHz)
  • Secure access systems
  • Passive keyless entry / start (PKES)
  • Remote controls, transmit
  • Home and building automation
  • Alarm and security systems
  • Garage door openers
  • Industrial appliances
  • Telemetry systems

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