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26.06. - 28.06.2018, Nuremberg
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Germany / General
André Huntrieser
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Austria / Switzerland
Karl Eder
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Intelligent power design


Power Research Electronics B.V., founded in 1983, designs and produces innovative power application solutions. They develop DC/DC converters and main supplies as well as chargers and inverters. During the last years the market evolved to require more robust topologies due to the needs of b.g. E-Bikes/Pedelecs, Solar- and Wind technology. Power Resarch Electronics offers more than 20 years of experience to provide the optimized solution to their customers and partners.

What do they offer?
  • Low Power and Ultra Low Power solutions for regenerative energy
  • Efficient charging technologies for e-mobility (up to 100kW)
  • Universal DC Power Modules


Industrial Universal Power Modules - Overview
  • No neutral needed (true 3-phase)
  • Voltage and current fully adjustable (0-100%)
  • Full readback of voltage and current (i.a.w. industrial standard)
  • Digital I/O, RS485 or CAN-Bus option available

3kW DC Universal Power Modules

Model Input voltage Output voltage Output current Rated power Efficiency /typ.) Control speed Work temperature
file link icon UPM12V100A 230Vac 2-16V 0-100A 1,6kW 88%


0°C - 50°C
(r. p.: 40°C)
file link icon UPM24V100A 230Vac 2-30V 0-100A 3kW  90% 100A/s
0°C - 50°C
(r. p.: 40°C)
file link icon UPM48V50A 230Vac


0-50A 3kW 91% 50A/s
0°C - 50°C
(r. p.: 40°C)
file link icon UPM120V25A 230Vac 8-120V 0-25A 3kW 92% 25A/s
0°C - 50°C
(r. p.: 40°C)