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10kW Charger Module



Based on years of experience PRE has developed a standard 10kW bidirectional Power Concept for EV chargers with 3 phase AC Input. The charger has active PFC and is based on the latest techniques of HF power electronics based on SiC semiconductors and quasiresonant technology which results in high efficiency and excellent overall performance.

The Power Module can be configured as ‘bidirectional’ (V2g500V30A) or ‘Charger only’ (EVC500V30A) operation. Output Voltage and Current can be controlled and monitored by a CAN bus Interface.




Features Application examples
  • CAN/BMS Control Interface
  • Combo/CCS & CHAdeMO compatible
  • Optional Solar Input with MPP-Tracker
  • Parallel operation for EV Fast Chargers
  • EV (Fast) Chargers
  • Industrial Battery Chargers
  • Smart-Grid and Peak-Shaving
  • Power Supply / DC Load


Product Download Version Format Size
EVC500V30A file link icon Datasheet 22.0 PDF 467kB