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Commercial Grade Flash Produkte


Die Commercial Grade Serien von Cactus Technologies basieren auf MLC NAND und bieten eine kostengünstige, aber trotzdem effiziente und langlebige Lösung. Zudem bietet Cactus Technologies für fast alle MLC Produkte optional eine Version im erweiterten Temperaturbereich von -40°C - +85°C an, sowie eine locked BOM an. Sämtliche kundenspezifische Optionen sind auch für diese Serien verfügbar.


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Bit/Cell 1 1 2 3
Endurance Cycles 100K / 80K / 50K * 20K ** 3K **
300 **
Data Retention
Life Cycle  
Locked BOM  
Cost $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $











* Grundsätzliche, physische Endurance ohne weitere Softwaremechanismen, abhängig von der verwendeten Technologie (SLC: 43nm / 32nm / 24nm, pSLC/MLC: 15nm)



M.2 SATA III (2242 / 2260 / 2280)


KD1TF 270PM7 100x100
M.2 NVMe (2280)


CFast Series 240S

SD Card

microSD Card





Commmercial Grade General Features


Highest Quality and Reliability

  • Unrelenting focus on Quality and Reliability since our inception in 2005
  • ISO9001 and ISO14001 Certified manufacturing


True BOM (Bill-Of-Material) Control

  • PCN issued for BOM changes – relative quick change due to fast MLC NAND transitions
  • Can buy existing BOM under custom PN and bond material to extend life


Most Common Form Factors Available

  • Several form factors available in Commercial Grade


Life Cycles

  • Typical life cycles of 18-36 months for Commercial Grade products


Expert Sales Support

  • Knowledgeable pre and post-Sales Support Personnel
  • Tuned into customer requirements and able to draw on right resources to satisfy needs



  • Custom labeling; custom parameters & format load
  • Complete custom product design available
  • Screening for wide temperature ranges

Cactus Design

  • Custom Cactus Design (not off the shelf reference designs) for our products
  • At minimum, all designs modified for improved functionality and reliability


Engineering Design Assistance (Pre-Sales)

  • Superior Apps engineering support to assist customers w/specific design issues
  • Changes to card characteristics may resolve host system issues
  • Custom configurations to meet customer requirements


Applications Engineering Support (Post-Sales)

  • Apps engineers available to support any Cactus issues
  • Failure Analysis available to determine root cause on rare occurrence of failures
  • All Cactus employees focused on Total Customer Satisfaction


Order Management - Easy to do Business with

  • Strive daily to meet all customer needs