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Triaxis® mainstream 360 rotary SFI position sensor (analog/PWM)
The MLX90425 is designed for use in cost-sensitive automotive applications including powertrain actuators, pedal positioning, fuel level gauges and transmission systems, though also suitable for industrial implementations. It consists of a Triaxis® Hall magnetic front end, an analog to digital signal conditioner, a DSP for advanced signal processing and a programmable output stage driver (analog or PWM).
The MLX90425 has superior capabilities in terms of functional safety, absolute maximum ratings (AMR), electromagnetic compliance (EMC) characteristics and supports operating temperature up to 160 °C.
Features and Benefits
  • Supported output modes
    • Ratiometric analog
    • PWM Output
  • Programmable measurement range
  • Programmable linear transfer characteristic with up to 17 points
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to 160°C
  • Triaxis® Hall technology
  • On chip signal processing for robust absolute position sensing
  • Packages, RoHS compliant
    • SOIC-8 (DC) Single Die
    • SMP-3 (VE), Single Die PCB-less solution
  • Robustness against stray magnetic field up to 5 mT (or 4 kA/m) as per ISO 11452-8
  • Certification
    • AEC-Q100 Grade-0
    • ISO 26262 ASIL B Safety Element out of Context (SEooC)
Application Examples
  • Steering Wheel Position Sensor
  • Throttle Position Sensor
  • Ride Height Position Sensor
  • Float-Level Sensor
  • Non-Contacting Potentiometer
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