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Ubec Dacom West
Ubec Dacom West

IEEE802.15.4 Low Power / ZigBee ICs und Module

Founded in July 2002, Uniband Electronic Corporation (UBEC) is an international fabless semiconductor company specializing in the design and manufacture of ICs for wireless applications. With its headquarters in Hsin-Chu Taiwan, UBEC focuses on the development of the front-end devices and system solutions that utilize Radio Frequencies. UBEC offers various RF solutions tailored to our customers' and partners' needs. UBEC places a high priority to work closely with our BB, MAC, and micro-controller partners to achieve the optimal configurations for our customers. UBEC believes in improving human life and working efficiencies via wireless technologies. Our mission is to develop high quality products with competitive price-and-performance ratio and time-to-market advantages for our customers. Being "customer-oriented" has always been the spirit of UBEC's people and at UBEC customer always comes first.


Uniband Electronic Corp (UBEC) focuses on the development of complex RF-ICs: 
  • ZigBee / 802.15.4-Transceiver-IC and Single-Chip
  • Step-Down-Converters
  • Multiswitches
  • LNB-Broadband-Amplifiers
  • WLAN 802.11g, 802.11a/g Transceiver-IC
  • WLAN 802.11g PA, 11a/g PA
  • Modules and Development Kits

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Although UBEC is a for profit enterprise, it acknowledges its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen. We strive for developing "green" products that are friendly to our environments and in conjunction with our suppliers support the national and international environmental protection goals. The design, manufacturing process and the applications of our products are meant to eliminate or minimize any damages to our environment  while balancing the needs of the design objectives and the customers' requirements.
As an employer, we proactively invest in our employeees in terms of their training, career guiding, self-enrichment, and other individual assistances. Our desire is to compensate and treat our employees fairly to the best of our ability. To our shareholders, we pledge to operate the company in a responsible way for them to earn a reasonable return while meeting all other responsibilities at the same time.

Environmental Protection Policy

At UBEC, we have established environmental protection policy and procedures to ensure that our products meet the International Environment Protection Regulations such as EU's RoHs or customers' other requirements:

  • Our products are designed to meet the international environmental regulations.
  • We do not use prohibited hazardous materials in our process and products.
  • We strive to efficiently use the resources so as to minimize the impact to the environment.
  • We train our employees and our suppliers to become aware of the need and the responsibility to protect our environment.
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