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Infrared Sensors
The Melexis infrared (IR) thermometer allows non-contact measurement of surface temperatures by analyzing the invisible, far infrared spectrum emitted from an object.
The IR thermometer uses Melexis' advanced infrared technology to measure quickly the surface temperature of objects without physical contact. This technology allows safe measurements and cuts measurement time to below 1 second with the ability to measure several reading per second. The nature of this measurement technique prevents contamination and damaging of the measured object.

Non contact temperatur sensors
Part No.TypeObject tempOperating tempFactory calibrated accuraySupply VoltageSupply currentSleep currentPackageField of ViewOutput type
Single PixelDual Pixelgradient compensatedarray°C°CVmAμATO-can°
-70..380-40..125Standard/ medical/ +/-1 to +/- 44,5-5,5/ 2,6-3,6<2<6TO-395-120SMBus or PWM
16x4-40..300-40..85see datasheet2,5-3,5<7<9TO-3940x10- 120x25I2C
-20..200-20..85medical/ +/-1 to +/- 43,0-3,6<1,4<2,5QFN50I2C
32x24-40..300-40..85see datasheet2,9-3,6<25TO-3955x35- 110x75I2C