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MAC+PHY Controllers



The single-port embedded ethernet controller chips support SPI/8/16/32-Bit parallel and PCI Bus Interfaces. They integrate a Fast Ethernet MAC+PHY and 4k Dword SRAM in a low lower and high performance process that supports 3.3V with 5V IO tolerance. All controllers are fully compliant to IEEE802.3 and support HP´s Auto MDI-X feature.
DM9000A, DM9010 and DM9102 are based on a power saving analog manufacturing process. DM9000B, DM9010B and DM9102H are more cost-effective due to a digital signal process. They are also available in industrial temperature range and 100% backward compatible to their predecessors.
DM9051 is a low cost Controller with SPI interface for applications that no not need the higher thruput of the parallel interface.
All controllers support generation and validation of TCP/IP and UDP checksum to reduce application controller load. Early TX minimizes the latency of the device.
Drivers for Windows CE, VX Works and Linux are available for quick and easy integration.

8/16Bit 32Bit PCI MII/RMII Copper MDI-X Temp. current [max] Package Status
DM9051         10/100 0° to 70°C
-40° to 85°C
102+40mA* QFN-32 MP since 2013
DM9000     10/100   0° to 70°C 60+40mA* LQFP-100 MP since 2001
DM9000A         10/100 0° to 70°C 52+40mA* LQFP-48 MP since 2004
DM9000B         10/100 0° to 70°C
-40° to 85°C
130+40mA* LQFP-48 MP since 2008
DM9010     10/100 0° to 70°C 52+40mA* LQFP-100 MP since 2004
DM9010B     10/100 -40° to 85°C 130+40mA* LQFP-100 MP since 2008
DM9102D       10/100 0° to 70°C 52+40mA* LQFP-128 MP since 2004
DM9102H       10/100 0° to 70°C
-40° to 85°C
130+40mA* LQFP-128 MP since 2009

* (40mA is the estimated consumption of the ethernet transformer)