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Melexis Dacom West
The need to sense speed and position of ferrous gears occurs in numerous applications. In order to detect the passing gear-teeth with a Hall Effect sensor it is necessary to provide a source of magnetic energy. The simple way to do this is to arrange a permanent magnet so that the axis of magnetization is pointing toward to surface of the gear-teeth.
Melexis Gear-tooth Speed Sensors Dacom West

Continuously adapting gear-tooth sensor

The MLX90217 is a continuously adapting digital gear-tooth sensor designed for use in automotive camshaft sensing as well as other speed sensing applications.


Comparative table

Geartooth/ Speedsensors
MLX90217Speed Geartooth, Camshaft SensingOpen Collector SwithVDD range from 3,5V to 24V, Factory progammable parameters, Hyteresis from 1,8 to 10mT, Hysteresis 3,8 to 12mT3L TO-92Datasheet
MLX90254Differential Speed, Crankshaft SensingOpen Drain SwitchVDD range from 4V to 24V, Simultaneous Speed and Position Sensing, Large Airgap range, Detection frequency 15Hz to 30HzThin 4L TO-92 flatDatasheet
MLX92232Programmable 3-wire Hall-effect sensor ICIs the first end-of-line programmable sensor IC in a family of high accuracy devices.TO92-3LDatasheet

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