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IEEE802.15.4 Low Power / ZigBee ICs and Modules

UZ2400 Version D is a solution that complies with IEEE802.15.4-2006 specifications. It integrates a 2.4 GHz RF transceiver with an IEEE802.15.4 compliant Baseband/MAC block within a single chip. The UZ2400 can be controlled by a microprocessor for low-data-rate applications such as home automation, industrial automation, consumper electronics etc. For medium-data-rate applications like wireless voice and image transmissio, the UZ2400 provides 1M/2M bps tubo mode.
The US2400 is a SiP Version of UZ2400 that integrates most of the external circuitry.



TYPE Documents
Applications Data Rates Temp. Package
UZ2400.D UZ2400.D_Datasheet-V0.63
Register comparision-Table-V1.0
Sample-Code V.00

Home / Building / Factory Automation
Lighting Control
2-way Medium-Data-Rate Applications
Wireless Sensor Network
PC Peripheral
RF Remote Controller
Smart Meter Infrastructure


-40° to 85°C QFN-40
US2400 US2400_Datasheet-V0.1
PCB example
-20° to 70°C




Ubec_Layout Guide V0.0_PCB-Module-Design-Guide
Application Note_IEEE802154 Features-and-Proprietary-Application

TYPE Documents
Output / Range
current Temp. Dimensions [mm]
U-Force.D User-Manual V0.1
Test Report PE-ZB
0dBm / 100m

Tx: 17.5mA
Rx: 16.2mA
Sleep: 2.4µA

-40° to 85°C 31.5x14x1.7

User-Manual V0.0
Test Report PE-ZB

11dBm / 500m

Tx: 40mA
Rx: 29mA
Sleep: 3µA

-40° to 85°C 48.3x14x2.3
U-Power1000.D User-Manual V0.1 18dBm / 1000m

Tx: 218mA
Rx: 34mA

-40° to 85°C 35.9x14x3.6
(w/o SMA connector)
 US2400-CS Application Note
DVK User Manual
RF-Tool User-Manual V0.1

Tx: 25.5mA
Rx: 20.4mA