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26.02. - 28.02.2019, Nuremberg


Industrial Flash and DRAM solutions by Silicon Power


Company profile

  • Founded: 2003
  • HQ: Taipeh, Taiwan
  • Production plan in Xizhi, Taiwan
  • Eu HQ in Almere, Niederlande
Silicon Power, founded in 2003, produces DRAM and Flash products for the consumer and industrial area. Due to the significantly higher requirements in the industrial sector, separate R&D departments have been set up to meet the customer specific challenges in the industrial environment. By testing each and every product, quality features like chip screening, burn-in tests, or a consistent traceability of every product - including the production history - Silicon Power is in a good position to meet even the highest requirements in the areas Industrial, Medical, Military and Aerospace.

Common for all products is a long term availability of at least 5 years and a sophisticated BOM- and EOL-/PCN-Management. Safety comes with a long warranty of 5 years (and within TBW) for SLC products, 3 years (and within TBW) for MLC/3D-TLC products and 10 years for all DRAM products.

Extensive customisation options, from a simple, customer specific label up to preloading of customer content, complete the package.