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2.5" SATA SSD solutions

Silicon Powers' SATA III 2.5" SSD's qualify, depending on the model, for almost all applications. The model range allows a tailor made solution for any environment, meeting the needed requirements. High performance, long warranty, high endurance and wide temperature ranges allow the usage even in challenging areas, where speed is not the only requirement.


Product overview

SeriesFormatFlashEnduranceCapacityMax. ReadMax WriteIOPS 4K ReadIOPS 4K Write0°C - 70°C-15°C - 85°C-40°C - 85°CPower ShieldPFPDEVSLPAES256optional feature connectorWarranty
SSD700R2.5"SLC600008GB - 256GB520MB/s410MB/s76000760005 years
SSD500R2.5"pSLC (MLC)3000016GB - 512GB530MB/s450MB/s79000730003 years
SSD300R2.5"MLC300032GB - 1TB530MB/s450MB/s79000730003 years
SSD300S2.5"MLC300032GB - 1TB530MB/s450MB/s79000730003 years
SSD550R2.5"pSLC (3D TLC)3000016GB - 256GB520MB/s480MB/s95000890003 years
SSD350R2.5"3D TLC300064GB - 1TB520MB/s480MB/s92000760003 years
SSD350S2.5"3D TLC300064GB - 1TB520MB/s480MB/s92000760003 years
SSD350E (*)2.5"3D TLC300064GB - 1TB550MB/s5000MB/s80000750003 years
(*) Product available soon