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Cellular Network Analysers


The SNYPER family of signal analysers are sophisticated yet easy to use with a large and bright, full colour display. The range is offered in both 2G / 3G and 2G / 3G / LTE cellular technologies to cover all network cell towers in use today. The SNYPER is a hand held, battery operated unit and can operate for several hours between charges (depending on use). It analyses all cellular signals from any network at any particular site being surveyed and displays the results in a simple and easy to understand format.

The SNYPER also provides a summary of all the networks found in the area, their relative signal strengths and number of cells available. This information allows you to very quickly make a decision about the best network to use for your application in the area and to determine what options you have with regards to secondary backup networks. As a result this is an invaluable tool for performing site surveys and determine the best mobile network to use for your system.

The SNYPER family also performs a number of different functions to determine:

  • Optimum antenna placement
  • Best network performance for a site
  • Evaluate performance of existing installations
  • Best choice of network operator for a site
  • Rank network signal strengths in order

The SNYPER has a number of signal strength thresholds within the summary page, providing a more concise view where only signals above a certain dBm / RSSI / Percentage level are of interest.

The SNYPER SPECTRUM offers all of the features for the standard SNYPER but also offers a USB mass storage device which allows you to save up to 50 full network surveys directly on to the unit. This feature allows you to perform and store multiple site surveys and is an invaluable tool for maintenance engineers and system installers when in the field. They do not want to return to base to download survey results and the save feature allows engineers to save multiple results and remain out in the field all day long going from site to site and performing multiple surveys.

The USB mass storage device acts as a standard hard drive when plugged in to a PC and the saved results can be downloaded simply and easily using Windows, MAC or Linux. Results are available as comma separated variables (CSV) and standard web page results (HTML).

The SNYPER SPECTRUM also offers the liveSCAN feature. This allows you to perform a standard network survey and then perform a real time liveSCAN of your chosen network to determine the highest signal strength in your location by moving around the site and observing the signal strength. Using the liveSCAN directional antenna it is possible to locate the position of your network basestations in the area.

Cellular Signal Analysers - SNYPER Overview - Informational Video


  • Improve reliability and performance of existing equipment in the field
  • Reduce downtime by selecting the most available network in the area ensuring good signal coverage
  • Increase network download speed and network response times
  • Improve battery life and system up time by reducing power output
  • Cost savings and improvements in efficiency by reducing costly engineer callouts
  • Improve performance for maintnenance enginners storing multiple surveys without return to base


  • Determine the best network to use for your application
  • Perform real time liveSCAN to determine the optimum location for your application
  • Evaluate the performance of your existing equipment in the field
  • Modify your application and tune the system to improve performance and reduce downtime

Overview CloudSURVEY Map Portal

The CloudSURVEY portal allows you to export and store all your measurement results from a compatible SNYPER product to your account in the cloud. The CloudSURVEY software has a wide range of features that allow you to view the approximate location of base stations on a map and determine the most appropriate network for your application.
The CloudSURVEY portal simultaneously calculates the total available network resources in the area where the measurement was taken and shows the relative dominance of each mobile operator. This allows you to make an informed decision on the optimal mobile network, taking into account network technology, network reliability, average signal strength, base station position and network density.
The user can apply filters to customize the list of results, and in addition, the portal has the ability to determine where your base stations are located relative to where your measurements are taken. All measurements can be provided with their own categories and notes for future comparisons.

● Providing approximate base station location information for all available networks
● Store all network measurements in a central location in the cloud
● Retrieve network measurements and compare results
● Identify and categorize network measurements
● Dynamic display of individual network technologies on a single card
● Dynamic display of network signal strength heat map
● Automatic calculation of network dominance for each saved survey
● Visualize advanced network parameters for easy comparison

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