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26.02. - 28.02.2019, Nuremberg


Melexis - Inspired Engineering™

Melexis - Global supplier of microelectronic semiconductor solutions

Melexis N.V., based in Belgium, was founded in 1988. With their experience of more than 30 years, they have become one of the four world leaders in automotive semiconductor sensors, as well as a leading player in integrated circuits for motor driving, car networking and wireless communication.

Primarily focused on the automotive market, Melexis is also active in other areas like industrial and medical sectors, home automation and smart appliances.

Product range


  • Awareness of the environment is a core competence of the products.
    Melexis equips its sensors with the ability to capture any analogue signal and use it in the digital world.


  • Melexis drives the interaction between systems.
    These highly integrated products make them smarter.


  • Melexis builds bridges between components.
    They create pathways between them so they can communicate clearly and quickly, whether wired or wireless.