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Single PHY Transceivers


Davicom´s single-port PHY series are low power Physical Layer Transceiver in LQFP-48 and QFN-32/24 packages. They are fully compliant to IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u 10Base-T / 100 Base-TX and ANSI X3T12 TP-PMD 1995 standards.

The front-end can drive 10Base-T, 100Base-TX TP-transformer and FX-transceiver. Available Interfaces for connection to MAC layer chips, switches or microcontrollers with integrated MAC are MII, RMII and SNI/GPSIAn integrated wave filter saves external filters for the signal forwarding in 100Base-TX or 10Base-T modes.

DM9162, DM9163 and DM9111A can internally generate the 50MHz reference clock or alternatively use use the external 50MHz system clock. DM9163 additionally offers 8kV Isolation Voltage and 3.3V transformer central tap as well as a BIST (Built-in-self-test) function.
DM9111A is the most cost effective PHY due to the 0,11µ manufacturing process. It also has the lowest current consumption because the signals are transferred by voltage instead of current. Additional power saving modes were added.


TYPE BUS I/F Copper Fiber MDI-X Technology Temp. current [max] Package Status
DM9161 MII / RMII 10/100 100FX   0,35µ, 3.3V 0° to 70°C 48+40mA* LQFP-48 MP since 2002
DM9161A MII / RMII 10/100 100FX 0,25µ, 2.5V 0° to 70°C 52+40mA* LQFP-48 MP since 2004
DM9161B MII / RMII 10/100  100FX 0,18µ, 1.8V 0° to 70°C
-40° to 85°C
128+40mA* LQFP-48 MP since 2007
DM9162 MII / RMII 10/100 100FX 0.162µ, 1.8V 0° to 70°C
-40° to 85°C
90+40mA* LQFP-48
MP since 2011
MP since 2012
DM9163 MII / RMII 10/100 100FX (3.3V) 0,18µ, 1.8V
3.3V CT, 8kV ESD
-40° to 85°C 90+40mA* LQFP-48 MP since 2015
DM9111A RMII 10/100 100FX 0,11µ, 1.2V 0° to 70°C
-40° to 85°C
58mA QFN-24 MP Q1/2019

* (40mA is the estimated consumption of the ethernet transformer)