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MLX75027 VGA Time-of-Flight Sensor


The MLX75027 is a system-on-chip solution (SoC), providing VGA (640 x 480 pixel) resolution image sensing and processing in a single BGA package.

The MLX75027 is able to operate in an ambient temperature of -40 to +105°C.

The MLX75027 is supported by the EVK75027 evaluation kit, which is a complete ToF camera that can be connected directly to a PC to visualize and record depth maps.

Example application


The MLX75027 uses a modulated light source and optical time-of-flight sensing to create a three-dimensional image, allowing it to monitor people and objects, as well detect gestures. It can also be used to detect free space and obstacles outside of the vehicle, such as pedestrians, for collision warning and navigation applications.


  • VGA (640 x 480) pixel array
  • 1/2" optical Time-of-Flight image sensor
  • Integrated micro lenses
  • Backside illumination (BSI technology)
  • 10 x 10 μm DepthSense® pixels
  • Full resolution readout up to 135 distance frames per second (in 4 phase configuration)
  • High distance accuracy because of programmable modulating frequencies up to 100MHz
  • Build-in temperatur sensor
  • Ambient temperature range: –40 to +105 °C


  • Automotive - Body, HVAC, Comfort & Lighting
  • Building, Security, Home & Office Automation
  • Automotive - Chassis & Safety
  • Non-Automotive Transportation
  • Industrial & Robotics