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Melexis micropower switch extends battery runtime for IoT
The MLX92216 & MLX92217 are ultra low power Hall effect switches. 1 microwatt power consumption and narrower tolerances lead to a predictable power budget. They detect open or closed position in IoT, industrial & white goods.

Hall-effect switch Ultra low power consumption

These sensors have an integrated logic for automatic Sleep/Awake sequencing enabling 1μA average current consumption without any action from the user (depending on the selected product). During the Awake state the chip is comparing the applied magnetic field to the predefined magnetic thresholds and updates its output accordingly.

By using the enable pin (available on MLX92217), the user can further reduce the current consumption of the chip by disabling the automatic Sleep/Awake logic and the related analog blocks. During Sleep or Disable state the OUT state remains unchanged regardless of the magnetic field. The OUT state will be refreshed during the next Enable/Awake period.


Application examples:

Reed switch replacement

Consumer electronics (i.e. TWS)

White goods, smart lock & IoT devices

Open/close detection

Battery powered, Handheld devices

Energy & Flow metering

Proximity sensor

Industrial & medical appliances

Key features of the MLX92216&MLX92217:

▪ Micropower consumption in operation

  • 0.9μA at 1.8V/11Hz
  • 1.2μA at 3.3V/11Hz
  • 1.2μA at 1.8V/22Hz
  • 1.6μA at 3.3V/22Hz

▪ 1 microwatt in power down state

  • 200nA at 5V with enable pin

 Best in class min/max IDD tolerances

  • for a stable and predictable power budget

Typical sleep current 0.65 μA at 1.8V

▪ Operating voltage range from 1.6V to 5.5V

▪ No external components required

▪ Selectable Sleep time 0.6ms to 800ms

▪ Ambient temperature from -40°C to 85°C

▪ Under-Voltage Reset protection

Selectable magnetic thresholds and temperature coefficient

▪ Packages, RoHS compliant

  • DFN-4L (LQ) 1.2mm x 1.6mm
  • TSOT-3L (SE) 2.8mm x 2.9mm
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