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26.02. - 28.02.2019, Nuremberg


CFast solutions for industrial applications

Cactus Technologies' CFast products are available as a high end SLC version, and also as pSLC and MLC series. The SLC versions provides a significantly higher endurance as well as a longer warranty time and a corresponding long term availablity. The pSLC and MLC versions are used for more price sensitive projects, which still have higher requirements than consumer products can provide.


Product overview

SeriesFormatFlashEnduranceCapacityMax. Read (*)Max Write (*)0°C - 70°C-40°C - 85°C-45°C - 90°CWrite ProtectionWarranty
900SCFastSLC800001GB - 64GB110MB/s90MB/soptional5 years
245SCFastpSLC (MLC)300004GB - 64GB350MB/s310MB/soptional3 years
240SCFastMLC300008GB - 128GB530MB/s330MB/soptional3 years
(*) depending on capacity. Please refer to the datasheet for more information.